Next a brief overview of publications. Some of them happened to be cover story articles for the presented magazines.


cover ENISA Smart Phone Security
TN_mei2010_cover_small Microsoft TechNet Magazine
issue251 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 25
InfoSecurity-Magazine-130x165 INFOSECURITY Magazine
insecure-21 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 21
infosecurity2008winter INFOSECURITY Magazine
issue18 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 18
lanmag_jun_08 LAN Magazine
insecure-april-2008-150x220 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 16
insecure15 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 15
infosec-webcover INFOSECURITY Magazine
insecure12-150x220 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 12
insecure11 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 11
insecure10-150x220 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 10
insecure9-150x220 (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 9