Defend yourself: change is necessary

Cybersecurity requires effective measures. In a broad sense, organizations protect themselves and take concrete steps to get the appropriate response. But how?

It is important to fall back on a reference model. Each cyber attack follows a pattern which is described as the “kill chain”. This chain ¹ of events exists about six stages through which an attacker works. Only the last stage – Stage 6 – an intruder can perform actions to achieve a successful implementation of the goals.
All of your
Cyber ​​Security measures in total should therefore be to disrupt the Kill Chain of an attack at the earliest possible stage, and never leave until the last phase to come.

In case an attacker -despite of all- is able to step into the next fase of this model, the next barrier will be raised. The model is based on two main and important principles:

  • Defense in depth.
    Depth Defense or “defense in depth” is a security strategy in which multiple layers of defense and are arranged around a secure object.
  • Different types of measures primarily on three key areas: people, process, technology that give a lot of strength in consistency.

Within an Enterprise Security Architecture this model is applied to achieve a division of measures on different layers. Failure or compromise of a single layer of defense is therefore caught by the next layer. Protection of an object so as divided into multiple layers with each layer own characteristics and implementation and therefore with a different perspective. The purpose of each of these layers is in the end in order to make it more difficult to break the security in total.
Attackers will for example be longer trying to penetrate a network when multiple layers and a combination of measures taken so that they get noticed. As a hacking attempt is detected, the incident response team can get to work and try to stop before damage is done.

Although the threats have become different and will certainly change in the future is the concept in a different form becoming an important starting point.

kill chain


¹ first introduced by Lockheed Martin